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BREEDWHEAT aims at strengthening the competitiveness of the French wheat breeding sector as well as to address the societal demand for sustainability, quality, and safety in agricultural production.

This pre-competitive project developed over a period of nine years for a total investment of 34 million Euros by 26 partners has received a 9M€ grant from the French Stimulus Initiative. It brings together 13 public research units from various INRA sites and Universities across France as well as 10 partners from private companies and cooperatives, 2 technical institutes, and the competitiveness cluster Céréale Vallée.

In an unprecedented effort, Breedwheat will combine genetics, genomics, and ecophysiology analyses with high throughput phenotyping and genotyping to perform association studies and identify markers and candidate genes for yield and quality traits under abiotic and biotic stress. Moreover, the BREEDWHEAT project will characterize and tap unexploited genetic resources to expand the diversity of the elite germplasm. Finally, new breeding methods will be developed and evaluated for their socio-economic impact. A robust bioinformatics platform enabling efficient association analyses and breeder friendly access to the data will also be established.

Last news and informations

Nov 18-19-20 2015 - 4th annual meeting

At Limagrain Europe research center, Chappes (France)

Nov 16-17 2015 - International Wheat Innovation Workshop (IWIW)

1st BreedWheat conference

Dec 10-11-12 2014 - Training on Genomic Selection

Organized jointly with the BreedWheat and PeaMust projects.